Frequently Asked Questions

Guide to commonly raised queries.


  1. What is Printshop4me?
  2. Printshop4me is UAE largest online portal for printing solutions and personalized gifting with a robust collection of over 2000+ products which can be easily customized as per your tastes and preferences.

  3. Why should I give you my printing instead of some other online company?
  4. Behind every order at is a team of professionals who are dedicated to surpassing your expectations. We combine the efficiency and competitive pricing of online ordering with the quality and commitment of people who care.

  5. Where are you located?
  6. Our office is located in Al Qusais, Industrial Area 1, near Men Motors Metro Bus Station - Dubai. Click here to see us on Google Map

  7. Can you send a salesman to talk to us?
  8. Sure! or drop us a line on, our Customer Support team will do the needful.

  9. What are your customer service hours?
  10. Normal business operations are from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm, Monday through Saturday. Or feel free to contact us us 24/7.

  11. How can I contact you?
  12. View the Contact Us page.

  1. How can I personalize a product?
  2. Simple! click on the Create your own and choose your product and customize it with your name/text/art/design!

  3. Is it necessary to chose from your existing design templates?
  4. Absolutely not! You can either chose from our existing design template (50,000+) or you can also upload your own designs/art/logo/text! Kindly note that all the uploaded information are kept confidential with us and are used solely for the purpose for order processing and reorder.

  5. What if I provide you with my product and avail your personalization services only?
  6. Yes we can do it but the quantity is not less than 100 pieces.

  1. How do I upload my files?
  2. Click on Create your own, then select the product you want to print, and finally click on Upload your design.

  3. How long will my order take
  4. How long depends on what product you’ve ordered and if it has any special finishes. If you log into your account page, you can select your order and view the estimated delivery date. Deliveries within Dubai are next business day. Deliveries to all other Emirates take an additional business day.

  5. Can I change any specs after my order has gone to print?
  6. Unfortunately no. Once you have approved your data, we will start the data compilation and production will start that day. From this point we are unable to accept changes to either the order specs. If you notice an error immediately having placed the order however, call us as soon as possible and we may be able to rectify the error or adjust the specs (e.g increase the quantity, change paper type etc.).

  7. Will I always receive the exact quantity I order?
  8. Most of the time we will ship you slightly more than you ordered, free of charge. On occasion you may receive slightly fewer pieces than you ordered. Printing industry standards allow for underages of up to 5%. If you need a guaranteed quantity we recommend that you order 5% over the minimum quantity you need.

  1. How long will it take?
  2. Most business card and flyer designs take a day or two, but larger products like folded brochures and magazines will depend on the content.

  3. When you complete my design can I get the artwork too?
  4. We do not release our working design files as standard practice. Should you require them we will release the files for an additional release fee (100% of the original design fee).

  1. Do you handle door-to-door delivery?
  2. Yes. Deliveries within Dubai go from our factory to your door (unless otherwise specified).

  3. How can I pay?
  4. We accept the following payment methods: Cash on delivery (up to 150 AED),Bank transfer (pre-pay) or Credit card.

  5. How do I change the delivery address after I’ve placed an order?
  6. If you need to change the address you want your order delivered to, we can usually do this any time while your order has a status of ‘in progress’. After your order is complete it’s too late to change. If you have absolutely need to change the address after your order is in production ‘printing’ please contact us and tell us the address you’d like to send it to. We charge 5 Dhs for this service, plus any delivery charges (if outside Dubai).

  7. Where do you deliver to?
  8. We can deliver anywhere in the UAE, GCC or any nearby country. Please contact us for a custom quotation.

  9. How can I contact you?
  10. You can contact us directly and in person by visiting our office. We also have a contact form that you can fill out to ask us anything with.

  1. I made a mistake with my order, can I cancel?
  2. Please contact us as soon as possible after placing your order if you need to cancel for any reason.

  3. I received my order, but I found a mistake. Can I get a reprint?
  4. If there has been a printing error we will of course reprint your data at no additional cost to you. If the error is found to be the result of poorly prepared data or otherwise contains client-side production errors however, Printshop4me will not be held responsible and any reprints will be at your expense. Please see our full Terms and conditions for more details on claims and returns.